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The Aquifer Pipe a new category of irrigation

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Simple DIY Greywater Laundry to Lawn System

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Ben Hirshfield (aka Farmer Ben)

About Us:

We are Greywater – from sharing DIY knowledge to homeowners to installing multi-story commercial projects.

To us, greywater is more than just water conservation. It is a path to carbon drawdown, heat island mitigation, and healthier environments for our cities. Greywater is intelligent green design that we can incorporate on our properties and lands today for an environmentally smart and secure future.

DIY Residential - Equipment

We encourage homeowners from around the world to convert to greywater irrigation. We share our knowledge with instructions and diagrams for DIY households. Our goal is to help green millions of landscapes that sequester carbon.


Our commercial solutions run from simple greywater gravity-flow diversions to NSF 350 treatment systems. We can assist on any new project and rehab project. Experience in LEED, Living Building Challenge, Water Neutrality Cities, California Title 24, and Carbon Mitigation Building practices.


We live greywater – from inside reuse like toilet and urinal flushing, to outside reuse for irrigating lush landscapes. Our consulting service works with water agencies and municipalities on water conservation paths including greywater rebate programs. We also work with developers to optimize the economic advantages that greywater offers.

Our Services:


We look at greywater as an intelligent design tool to address climate change. We can support new systems, used systems, and handle the maintenance of greywater systems.

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Commercial Project Planning

Climate Mitigation Building Guideline

Design/ Architecture / Planning

NetZero Water Building Path

Greywater is key to a Climate Change Plan

Agency / Municipality Guides

Water Neutrality – Code

National Plumbing Code

Sample greywater rebate program

MWELO adapted for Greywater

Building code, California title 24 adapted for greywater