About Grey4Green
We aim not to surprise but solve pressing issues around sustainable water and climate change in urban cities.

To us, greywater is more than just water conservation. Greywater enables lush green landscapes that pull carbon from the air (Carbon Drawdown), Cool the environment (Urban Heat Island), Sequester Pollutants (Ozone, Particulate Matter 2.5 & 10, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide,  and Volatile Organic Compound) and provide for rain water retention.

Energy Water Nexus
Wide use of greywater would cut our energy demand by 1 to 2% I the state of California. Greywater use eliminates a large carbon footprint associated with transportation water to our cities for landscapes irrigation, the eventual sewage cleaning of the greywater and the off shore dumping of greywater into the oceans. Currently 30 to 50 percent of all water transported to urban cities is used on landscapes.   

Our innovations in subsurface irrigation, Carbon Mitigation Buildings and Net Zero/ Positive Water Buildings are only the beginning  of how our technology will change the way cities are built around the world.

Grey4Green future is bright with a research product road map that is tied closely with universities scientist across a wide range of disciplines, from engineering in heat flux, energy, thermodynamic flow and civil, areas around regional Geophysics, Environmental Science, and industrial urban Agriculture. Our collaborations are pushing the boundaries beyond the norm, thinking outside of the box, pushing the envelope of understanding  and driving these new concepts to market.

We welcome you to enjoy applying our work from a simple DIY home installation to our advance road map of a New Zero Water Building. Feel good knowing that you are taking action against climate change and urban health.