100% DIY Greywater (Shower) Install

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Nice little California bungalow in Long Beach, using 100% greywater (shower) for the front yard. What I like about this project is the lady of the house now spends a lot of time outside in the garden for enjoyment. . Before it was a hard brown crunchy grass blob.

Financially this was a win for the homeowner. The city was paying $3.00 a square foot if you removed your lawn (green or brown) and install a drought tolerant landscape. So with this project the city’s rebate paid 100% of the landscape and greywater conversion job.

Job steps: We started by removing the layer of brown crunchy grass, plus 4 inches of dirt, below the sidewalk level.   We placing the first Aquifer pipe 12 inches from the sidewalk, then the next one 8 feet, and the last one 8 more feet. This was done on both sides. Remember the Aquifer Pipe needs to be installed 12 inches below the surface and level, no slop on either side.   

Once all the subsurface Aquifer Pips where installed,  we back filled with the surrounding soil. Then cover the whole area with 4 inches of mulch.  We then place in the plants and waited for everything to grow out.

Each time someone takes a shower the water flows right out into this landscape.

Total time: About 5 days of work.