Laundry To Garden With a DIY Greywater System

A video showing a large greywater distributions unit. Use this combination when you have a top loading washing machine. The design is a proven combination that I have used on a number of homes, takes less than 30 minutes to build.

The greywater distribution unit has two parts: The top section that holds the filter material to capture lint, hair and any large items from the washing machine. The bottom section acts as a surge tank, to hold the laundry water until it has time to percolate out into the Aquifer Pipe buried in the garden

The unit sets on a wire rack and cut to size, you can see the complete parts list on our website, with order links .

This is a trouble free system, just do your laundry as normal and the greywater will flow out to the garden each time. The filter does requiring cleaning or replacement every 3 to 6 months. Will cost $3.00 each time your replace it. .

The garden is 100% greywater, 365 days a year. Growing vegetables and a peach tree in the garden.

Here is a video for everyone who collects shower water in a bucket as the water is getting hot.
(More Power to my fellow water conservation tribe).

In this video we add the Aquifer Pipe greywater distribution to an existing drought tolerant landscape. The homeowner already installed a drought tolerant landscape a year earlier. But the idea of going 100% greywater to the front landscape was exciting to her. So we repipe the shower from under the house to a greywater distribution unit, made from a decorative flower pot. The greywater enters the decorative pot, passes through the filter to capture any hair then flows out to the Aquifer Pipes in the landscape.

All gravity flow system, from the shower, to the distribution unit, to the Aquifer Pipes buried 12 inches below the surface. Only maintenance is to change the filter every 2 to 3 months.

Total job time: 3 days

Footnote: none of the DIY greywater system we show hold the greywater, they all pass it right through the distribution unit, and out to the landscape

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