Laundry To Garden With a DIY Greywater System

A video showing a large greywater distributions unit. Use this combination when you have a top loading washing machine. The design is a proven combination that I have used on a number of homes, takes less than 30 minutes to build.

The greywater distribution unit has two parts: The top section that holds the filter material to capture lint, hair and any large items from the washing machine. The bottom section acts as a surge tank, to hold the laundry water until it has time to percolate out into the Aquifer Pipe buried in the garden

The unit sets on a wire rack and cut to size, you can see the complete parts list on our website, with order links .

This is a trouble free system, just do your laundry as normal and the greywater will flow out to the garden each time. The filter does requiring cleaning or replacement every 3 to 6 months. Will cost $3.00 each time your replace it. .

The garden is 100% greywater, 365 days a year. Growing vegetables and a peach tree in the garden.

Lick on these links to purchase parts and see DIY instructions

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