Simple DIY Greywater Laundry to Lawn System

This is a 100% greywater Laundry to Lawn system. The laundry machine is in the basement so laundry discharge hose has to go up about 18” before exiting the house. Once outside of the house the laundry water empties into a distribution unit. Water enters the distribution unit at the top, we call this the filter tank and it is where the filter material is housed. The filter collects any hair and lint. Then the greywater percolates through the filter tank to the bottom surge tank.
The surge tank only holds the greywater until the greywater has time to gravity flow into the aquifer pipes that are buried under the grass.
Once the greywater enters the Aquifer Pipes, a saturated zone is created in the center channel ( the part that looks like a “V”). From there a moisture plume is created in the soil that spreads 4 feet on each side of the pipe. The grass lawn feeds from the moisture plume and not from the pipe.

In this video we are using TIDE detergent. TIDE has surfactants that allow the water to spread and create a large moisture plume. Surfactants are the same thing farmers use to spread fertilizer when growing crops.

Green yards are carbon drawdown yards, so go out and be an environmental superhero.
The complete discharge setup can be completed in one day.