DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe Explained

What is the DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe?

The DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe is compatible with any type of water (Drinkable / tap, Grey, recycled , irrigation).
The Aquifer Pipe is designed to distribute water below the surface at the root level.
The cool thing is that the Aquifer Pipe creates a virtual water table at the buried depth. We usually place it 12 inches to 18 inches under the surface. Always use the same dirt to backfill the trenches that the Aquifer Pipe is in.

TIP 1: Always place the Aquifer Pipe at zero grade. We place the aquifer pipe in the trench then add water to level the pipe out before backfilling the trench.

TIP 2: Do not use a weed cloth to cover the Aquifer Pipe. The weed cloth will clog over time and prevent water from passing through.

How it works:

The center channel, the part that looks like the “V” becomes fully saturated with water. From the saturated zone the dirt starts to pull water up and out. Resulting in creating a giant moisture plume. We have found that the moisture plume can grow up-to four (4) feet on each side. In hydrology terms this moisture plume is called the capillary fringe.
It is important to know that the plants feed from the moisture plume and not for the pipe directly. Plant roots will stay away from the saturated zone, since it is too wet for the roots to survive.


When you install the Aquifer Pipe, all you need is ABS black glue, ask any plumbing supply for it. Also, the Aquifer Pipe connects to standard 3 inch ABS pipe fittings. So it is easy to find parts to connect the Aquifer Pipe to.

You can pick up the Aquifer Pipe at our website. Once you have the whole Aquifer system installed, no more worries about a drought or broken sprinkler heads.
Be proud on how you water your lawn.

It can be purchased at Lowe