Permits for Laundry DIY Greywater Systems

State of California plumbing code states you do not need a permit to reuse your laundry water on the landscape. It is a way to encourage more people to use greywater on their landscapes. Also check with your water department for rebates on Laundry to Landscape projects.

3 Key Items Needed When Installing a Laundry to Landscape Greywater System:

1) A three way valve that allows you to divert the laundry water back to the sewer in case you are using harmful chemicals in the laundry or washing diapers with pop on them.
2) An air vent on the discharge pipe, to prevent backflow.
3) Distribute all the greywater subsurfacely to avoid human contact and odors.

On our website we show you how to design a laundry to landscape greywater irrigation system with the Aquifer Pipe. Start by viewing the DIY video on building a greywater filter, then view the video on installing the Aquifer Pipe.

A single person can easily irrigate a garden with the wash and a small family can irrigate a 25 x 25 foot patch of grass with 7 loads a week (front loader). Larger size lawn if the grass is shaded by a tree.

Using greywater for landscapes is not only good for the environment but it’s also is good for your bottom line. You already paid for the water to do the laundry, why not reuse it. Otherwise you have to spending more money to water the landscape.

Our Systems Designed to Meet Greywater Legal and Health Department Requirements:

a) No holding of water for over 24hrs, the design is flow through system. Each laundry load flows right out to the landscape.
b) irrigate subsurface to avoid human contact and puddling. The Aquifer pipe is designed to be buried 12’’ below the surface and distribute the greywater at that depth.
c) Non pressurized emitters. The Aquifer pipe is a water balancing gravity flow system design. Laundry water flows out into the Aquifer Pipes naturally from the discharge laundry pipes that is 3 feet above the ground to the Aquifer Pipe 1 foot below the ground, a total of 4 foot drop in elevation.

We make it easy for the DIY weekend warrior to be water smart & a environmental super hero.