What is the difference between Greywater and Recycled Water

In this video I explain the difference between Greywater and Recycled Water. They are not the same. Greywater is the waste water from your shower, bathroom sink or laundry used right there at your home or office building. There is no cost for you to use the Greywater, since you already paid for it when you took that shower or did your laundry.

Recycled Water is the sewer water sent to a sewage treatment plant. There it is cleaned with chemicals to federal standards and sent back out to the community in Purple Pipes. Recycled Water is used mostly to irrigate parks, golf courses and landscape on road ways. Whenever you see a purple sign saying “Recycled Water used – Do not drink” this is the type of water being applied.

Since Recycled Water takes energy to clean with chemicals , there is a cost. The cost usually runs about 90% of the cost for drinking water. Then there is the cost to get the purple pipes to your house.

In summary, the bottom line is that Greywater is free and Recycled Water cost you more $

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