What is the difference between Tap, Potable and Greywater

So Confusing::::: Let’s clear up some terms
Tap Water – Potable Water – Drinking Water :
Are all the same, just used differently depending on who you talk to. Most people use Tap Water when talking about water from their faucets. Drinking water as a general term for any water that is drinkable. The real confusion is Potable Water.
Potable water is used more by a technical person working in the water field, and means any water that is okay to drink and use for cooking. The average person does not hear Potable as in placing water in a cooking pot or water in a drinking vessel pot. What they do hear is Potable, as in “Sitting on the Potty” HaHaHa.
I am going try my best to always use drinking water or tap water for clarification.

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