How To Water Level The DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe

In this video we’re going to show you how to do the water leveling procedure.

Water will be coming out of all of the seep holes equally from one end of the pipe to the other when it’s all done correctly .

It’s very important that you do not move the front end. You can move the back end or the middle but you have to keep the front end level to the header, this is your reference.

First thing is to make a little adapter, it keeps the water from flowing out the front of the pipe. Cut a 4 inch section from a 1.5 inch pipe. Attach a 90 to it. Insert (Do Not Gule) it into the reducer coupler.

Get a hose and put it into the end riser. Turn on the hose and then you’re going to see the water start coming out from all the seep holes.

Turn it off when it starts to overflow from the Aquifer Pipe.

The next step is to grab dirt and start leveling it. Put it underneath some sections. You might need to remove dirt underneath it to lower it.

Keep adjusting it until you see the water coming out of all the seep holes from the front end of the pipe all the way towards the back. Make sure that it’s not overflowing in one area and not dry in the other.

Glue on the final section to the end riser once it level..

The next step is very important that you do it correctly or you’re going to un-level the pipe. That is burying the pipe. There is a process of doing this. We do it very gradually so please watch the next video on how to bury the pipe. We will give you all the details on how to do that.
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