DIY Greywater Shower and Laundry to Landscape Installation

This video shows how we installed this project and where the Aquifer Pipes are located in relationship with the landscape.

Few tips:
1st) We are using a 90 degree template pipe to make sure the trenches are 90 degrees to each other. It is a major pain to end up in a angle.

2nd) The Aquifer Pipe is laid 4 feet from the sidewalk, once you plant the shrubs or ground cover 2 feet from the sidewalk, the ground cover will creep over the extra two feet.

3rd) Spacing at 8 feet, saves time and energy when planting a shrub / drought tolerant garden. The moisture plume will spread out and cover all the plants.

Notice in the part of the video where we laid the Aquifer Pipe down in the trench and then added water to the center channel to make sure it was level before backfilling the trench. When backfilling the trench be sure to use the same soil you dug out of the trench, this will assure an even distribution of water from the Aquifer Pipe into the surrounding soil.

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