DIY Greywater System For Beginners

100% greywater irrigated lawn is easy. This video shows a simple greywater flow chart of how to get your shower water out to the lawn for irrigation.

We start by diverting the shower drain pipe to outside of the house and into a Distribution Unit. The Distribution Unit is made up of two parts. Top part is where you lay the filter material (all the parts can be purchased from Lowes, part list and links can be found on our shop page).
The filter is to collect any hair or large items. The bottom is a surge tank to holds the water flow until it has time to gravity flow into the 
Aquifer Pipes. The Aquifer Pipes are buried 12 inches
below the surface and creates a virtual water table. The virtual water table is a moisture plume that the grass roots feed from (not the from the Aquifer Pipe directly).

Enjoy each shower knowing that the water is flowing out to your lawn and keeping it green. 

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