7 Advantages of DIY Greywater Irrigation Over Drip Irrigation.

Comparing greywater vs drip irrigation.

Most drought tolerant landscapes have drip irrigation. Therefore, it may be saving water using sprinklers but unfortunately, the landscape is still using precious drinkable water. As a result, drip irrigation is losing water. Mostly from evaporation and going too deep in the soil.

Subsurface greywater irrigation over surface drip irrigation. These are the advantages.

Greywater irrigation reuses 100% water from the shower or laundry. The greywater is distributed under the surface away from evaporation from the sun. The design of the Aquifer Pipe also prevents water going beyond the roots. With the Aquifer Pipe greywater system, you can have a lush green landscape and drought tolerant landscape with 0% drinkable water use..

Pretty cool!

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