Permits for Shower DIY Greywater Systems

The big takeaway on this video is to keep your greywater system defined as “Simple.” Per the plumbing code, this will keep the permitting to a minimum. As I write this in 2019, a simple non-pressurized systems is $0.00 zero dollars in Long Beach, California as opposed to
$600 dollars in Los Angeles ($300 to the City of Los Angeles and $300 for the County Health Department).

The same greywater system that is classified as “Complex” over 250 gallons and/or pressurized distribution piping. The permitting fees go up to $2,400 for the Los Angeles County Health Department and $300 for the City of Los Angeles. Long Beach is great in that the fees are still Zero. Unfortunately,  the review is a little more time at the permit counter.

Want to bet what city or county area is going to have the lowest water consumption?
Go Long Beach ! ! ! !

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