A DIY Greywater System Installed Under a Slab Foundation

A DYI Greywater system can be installed under an existing slab foundation, this video shows a completed DIY project up in a rocky area of Los Angeles.

To retrofit an existing house with a concrete slab, you need to have at less one bathroom along the perimeter of the house, then you can excavate from outside of the house and come up under the tub or shower to capture the greywater. Expect an additional two days of work to excavate enough dirt to allow you to craw under the slab to place a three way valve for diverting the greywater. In this project we designed an electronic valve for the homeowner that is controlled by the same phone app that controls the greywater distribution zones.

It is very rewarding to see clients dedicated to reusing water when they can. In this case greywater is distributed throughout the property using a pump and the Aquifer Pipe.
The garden uses drinkable water because the client grows garlic, shallots and onions all root crops. The health department does not want anyone using greywater to grow root crops, but greywater can be used to grow any above ground vegetables or fruits.

You can find a tone of knowledge how to design your own greywater system on our website. You can use the same system to deliver drinkable water or rain water subsurface. The end goal is to conserve water and build a greener sustainable environment for future generations.