Ben Hirshfield (aka Farmer Ben)

In this video I interview Ben Hirshfield (aka Farmer Ben).  Ben is a repeat landscape customer who has worked with the Aquifer Pipe for about 3 years now. Refuses to use any other irrigation type on his designs, which by the way are amazingly good. As in taste good –  Ben’s company is called 3R Garden Design and they specialize in eatable gardens. It is all about sustainable local food production, enabling you to grow complete meals in your own backyard.

In this video Ben explains how the Aquifer Pipe interacts with the plants and the increase in yield you will notice. He also touches base on the biggest comments we get with clients and that is that the topsoil is always dry, so you can not tell if the plants need water.  The benefit we don’t mention is that the top 3 inches are always dry, that also prevents weed from growing.

This was a fun video, our first attempt to bring in new voices about water irrigating with the Aquifer Pipe.