How Many DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipes To Use

In this video we’re going to talk about how to calculate how many Aquifer pipes you’re going to need, spacing and zones.

For a lawn: They should be 3 feet on the center.
For drought-tolerant or landscape: They should be 6 to 8 feet on center.

If you have more than two rows you’re going to have to consider using two zones. They’re just not enough water. The water is going to fill up the first two rows and there might not be enough to fill the next rows.


Stepper valve:
When it senses water it switches from one zone to the next automatically. There’s nothing electrical to hook up or anything manual that you have to move. It’s a mechanical valve that moves from one zone to the next automatically.

Manual Valve:
They look just like a faucet. All you’re going to do is just reduce the water that would go to one zone more compared to the other.

Mechanical 3-Way Valve:
This is a mechanical 3 way valve that you would need to manually turn once a week.