How to assemble the DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe

Okay I’m amazed how simple it is to assemble the Aquifer Pipe. There are only 3 parts that easy work together to give you the best irrigation for a water stress world.
The Aquifer Pipe comes in 10 foot sections, but sometimes you need to have longer runs like 20 feet to 40 feet, the Aquifer Pipe coupler allows you to connect multiple length together to form one long continuous Aquifer Pipe. The couplers allow for the water to flow in the side channels the full length and also allows the center saturated zone to self level along the length of the Aquifer Pipe.
The third item is the Styrofoam expanded that once inserted into the pipe helps push the side walls out to assure a tight fit when connecting the Aquifer Pipe to an ABS fitting.

That’s it, simple and elegant high efficient irrigation system.