Using the Aquifer Pipe to Irrigate an Urban, Organic Garden and Seeing the Results

In this video we Grey4Green visits the Community Healing Garden in Watts, California where we have installed our unique underground Aquifer Pipe irrigation system to water crops like tomatoes, corn, carrots and parsley. We see how the Aquifer Pipe has helped grow lush, healthy plants while at the same time conserving water from runoff and evaporation. We believe the Aquifer Pipe is an ideal irrigation solution for gardens and farms, big and small. As seen, the system works particularly well in an organic setting by limited weed grown between the plants due to less surface water.


Fix long-term irrigation life expectancy by 85+ years. Install once and leave in ground. Save significantly on irrigation labor, material and maintenance.
Cut 50%+ water use by:
* Eliminate water lost to surface evaporation.

* Avoid water lost to deep percolation.

* Avoid fertilizer leaching into ground water.

* Better distribution, not effected by wind or round sprinkler patterns.

Avoid high cost of filtration equipment (200 screen filter only)
Avoid cost of acid cleaners (3/16 pipe holes are too large to clog)
Decrease weeds germination (no surface water).
No water runoff during irrigation, due to a closed system.
Can work as drainage tiles during large rains, allowing early fields entry (climate adaptable)