Designing For a DIY Greywater System

Designing For a Greywater System can save you thousands of dollars.

Instead of running the greywater plumbing in parallel with the sewer system to one central point, have the greywater diverted to the nearest exterior wall. Ideally for larger projects run the greywater out to all four sides of the building (if there are bathrooms or laundry rooms near all four sides). This eliminates the need for extra space you would have needed between the joist to run two sets of pipes.

Commercial buildings can run the air conditioning condensation to each side of the building for the ground level landscape. Then they can make shorter runs from bathroom sinks to irrigate multi level terraces.

On each side that has a greywater knockouts, have the plumbers also place a cleanout from the sewer. Now the greywater will run out into the landscape by gravity. Cites require that greywater use non-pressurized emitters, they don’t want greywater to blowback into the city system. The cleanout is there to divert the greywater back to the sewer if needed or as an overflow.  Each side will require a greywater distribution/ filter tank, but you eliminated the pump for the system.

We just saw a contractor run the laundry and laundry sink greywater out to the east side of the building to water the top landscape and the west side slope. The main family showers (2 of them) are sent to the south side and will be used to irrigate the central courtyard and driveway. The master bathroom shower water is sent to the west side of the building and will be used to water both the west side and north side landscapes  

Projects like these are amazing – especially watching the contractors grow with confidence as we teach them how to design and install our greywater equipment.

If you are a contractor or DIY warrior needing some help call us or watch the YouTube videos.  

GO GREEN BIG TIME – Earth Needs It.

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