How To Meet The EBEWE Requirements For Commercial Buildings

In this video we are targeting the Los Angeles EBEWE requirements. The new regulation requires buildings to reduce their water consumption by 20%. To do this you can take the traditional approach and replace the toilets and sinks but it’s very unlikely you will hit the requirements. We suggest converting your landscapes from drinkable water irrigation to greywater irrigation. Greywater from the bathroom sinks and the condensation from the air conditioner units on the roof. Both can be efficiently applied to the landscape through our grey water filters and our subsurface irrigation pipe called the Aquifer Pipe.

Using greywater for landscapes is not only good for the environment but it’s also is good for your bottom line, you’re no longer spending money to water the landscape.

Our systems are designed to meet the greywater requirements.
No holding of water for over 24hr’s.
Our system is a completely flow through system .
Have to irrigate subsurfacely.
Our Aquifer pipe is designed to be buried 12’’ below the surface.
Non pressurized emitters.
The Aquifer pipe is gravity flow system

Our filter can be buried
This prevents tampering with.