How To Size For Title 24 For Commercial Building

In this video we are going to explain how to calculate how many bathrooms or air conditioners you’re going to have to plumbed to meet the Title 24 greywater requirements.

You first have to calculate how much water you’re going to need to water your landscape.
What you need to do is take the total square footage of your landscape and times it by the Evapotranspiration (ETo) rate for July (link to our website with the numbers for each city),
Then times this sum by .62 to get the total gallons required for the month of July.
Divide this by 31 (number of days in July) this will give you the daily gallon requirements.

1000 Sq Ft x 6 ETo = 6000
6000 x .62 = 3,720 Gallons per month
3,720 / 31 = 120 per day

Now to determine how many bathrooms and or Air conditioners you’ll need to plumb:
Bathroom generates ~10 gallons a day.
100 ton Air conditioner generates 25 gallons a day.
1000 ton conditioner generates 300 gallons a day.

Once we have the daily gallons requirements, now we can focus on where to divert greywater from. The biggest source is usually the condensation from the air conditioners on the roof. In most cases this is going to be more than enough water for the landscape. The second best source is the bathroom sinks, you might fall short of the total gallons needed to keep the landscapes green and lush. On average the use of the Aquifer Pipe irrigation system will reduce the amount of water needed by 50% so if you’re running short on water sources, think about replacing you irrigation system to the Aquifer Pipe.

Using greywater for landscapes is not only good for the environment but it’s also is good for your bottom line, you’re no longer spending money to water the landscape.

Our systems are designed to meet the greywater requirements.
No holding of water for over 24hr’s.
Our system is a completely flow through system .
Have to irrigate subsurfacely.
Our Aquifer pipe is designed to be buried 12’’ below the surface.
Non pressurized emitters.
The Aquifer pipe is gravity flow system

Our filter can be buried
This prevents tampering with.