The Aquifer Pipe a new class of DIY Greywater irrigation

What is the Aquifer Pipe? It is a new class of irrigation. Think of Sprinklers irrigation that showers your lawn from above with water as a class/type of irrigation, Drip irrigation that gently waters your plants from above with a steady drip stream as a class/type of irrigation and Aquifer Pipe that delivers water subsurface at the plants roots as a class/type of irrigation.

With the Aquifer Pipe water is delivered through a 3” diameter pipe buried 12 inches below the roots of plants. From here the aquifer pipe creates a saturated zone in the center channel. It is from this saturated center channel that water is wick up into the soil, creating a moisture plume that the plants feed from.

The Aquifer Pipe is design to feed plants where they need it most, at the roots. This avoids water lost to evaporation from irrigating on the surface. This also avoids watering the weeds or weed seed.
The design of the Aquifer Pipe is for gravity flow, requiring no pressure or energy to create the pressure. A new irrigation system class, for today’s water stress cities.