What is Carbon Drawdown

There are many high tech ways being discussed for Carbon Drawdown, but what can we do at our homes and businesses? Grow more plants !!!.

Plants are a natural way to pull carbon (as in Carbon Dioxide / CO2) from the air. The plant breaks up the CO2, keeps the “Carbon aka the C” and gives back the “Oxygen  aka O2”. A good thing since we need oxygen to breath.

So the more plant material you have in the yard, like grass lawns, shrub, trees (lots of trees to shade the house and parked cars) is always good. Better yet if you use electric mowers, trimmers and blowers.

What about water?   We always suggest using greywater when possible, since you have already paid for it once, why not reuse it. But if you need to use drinkable water, then we suggest using our Aquifer Pipe. It is design to water from the roots up, eliminating water lost to evaporation or run off.  Greywater can be used within the Aquifer Pipe aswell.

Hope this helps explain Carbon Drawdown, and what you can do to help with it.