How To Level The DIY Greywater Aquifer Pipe To The Header

The first thing to know is that everything in the trenches are all level. Everything is gravity flow so they all have to be level to each other. This is to ensure that the water gets pushed evenly throughout the whole system. The header pipe is the reference point it’s the starting point for all the Aquifer Pipes.

The first thing is to just lay the header pipe in the trench, do not cut it and do not glue it. Then level it.

The next thing to do is put a temporary six inch extender into the reducer coupler (do not glue it). You’re just using it to see if it’s level to the header.

Now that you got the extender and the Aquifer Pipe level to the header pipe, secure the Aquifer Pipe with some dirt so that it doesn’t move around DO NOT FULLY COVER THE AQUIFER PIPE just tuck it in on the sides. 

Leave the channel open because the next thing we’re going to do is the water level procedure. This is to get the complete Aquifer Pipe level.