Where To Install The DIY Greywater Filter

When planning out where to put the greywater filter there are three main aspects to think about the functionality, aesthetics and tampering.

You need to consider that you’re going to need to take off the top so that you can replace the filter.
Filter Feeder pipe, what route is that going to take? The most common thing that we have done is we take the shortest path from the diversion area to the outside wall and that’s where the filters are going to be placed.
What’s the path for the feeder header pipe?  

Some customers’ houses are set up to where the filter is not seen from the street while others it’s in plain sight and they don’t want the filter to be seen from the street.

Camouflaging it:

We’ve hid them behind rocks, sometimes we just plant in a shrub right in front of it. We have one filter that looks like a planter it actually has a living plant on top of it.

Sump pump configuration:
The whole unit sits underground and there is a pump that pumps the water up and out to the Aquifer Pipes.

Some people put them on shelves.
There are tamper-proof filters that have a screw on top.