Dual Laundry and Shower DIY Greywater System

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WOW this is what you can do with a lawn to garden rebate that most cities offer. This complete dual laundry and shower greywater system was paid for by the city lawn to garden rebate program. Check with your local water department on what rebates they are offering.

This yard started out with a dry old lawn, that was more brown than green. We started by removing the top 4 inches of the grass and dirt. The next step was to install the Aquifer Pipe 12 inches below the surface. We laid two pipes on each side space 6 feet apart. We then place a layer of cardboard, this is to block the grass from coming back. Then we filled the area with a thick layer of mulch creating a big rain capture mulch pit.

TIP: The first layer of mulch was from a tree trimming company who delivered 9 cubic yards for free. Call around and ask. Not the best looking mulch but we top dress it with store purchase mulch to give it a clean look.

TIP: We approached one of those guys who collects cardboard and agreed to pay $40 if they drop a load of cardboard at the job site.

When facing the house, the left side is irrigated by the shower. This house is raised about 2 feet so it was easy to get under it and cut the shower drain and divert it to the outside greywater distribution unit. The greywater passes through a 3 way valve first so it can be diverted into the sewer instead of the yard.

On the right side of the house the greywater is from the laundry. It exits the laundry room at a high level into a small greywater distribution unit, that sits on a wire mesh shelf. The greywater then drains into a 1” PVC pipe we ran under the house and out the front through the crawl space vent.

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