How To Install A Shower To Lawn DIY Greywater System Using The Aquifer Pipes | Introduction

In this series of videos you’re going to find step-by-step guides for installing a DIY greywater system. If you do not wish to do some of the steps for an example if you do not wish to divert to shower we have a video that you can give to a plumber. A plumber should be able to just watch this video and then do the diversion for you. Likewise if you do not want to do the installation of all the pipes we have a video for an irrigation installer. If the plumber or the irrigation installer is unable to do the diversion or the install just by watching the video it’s time to look for another plumber or irrigation installer. The one thing about irrigation installers is to make sure you look for irrigation installers, not just a landscaper, a landscaper just cuts your lawn and trees an installer actually does trenching and installs of pipes. If you do not want to make the filter we can send you one pre-made. All of the parts and supplies can be purchased from our website just click on the shop tab. If you feel that you need some help feel free to give us a call.