A Laundry to Lawn and Shower To Lawn DIY Greywater System.

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This house has two separate greywater systems. The one on the left side is fed by the shower and the one on the right side is fed by the laundry in the back of the house.

The front left yard was very typical of most 100 yr old home in our area. The soil was dead and no matter how much water you applied to the top, there was no way to keep the yard green.  Now if you step on it you will notice a nice thick layer of Bermuda grass, a lot of cushion to place a blanket on and watch the stars at night. This yard was our first trial and error project and has been through two beta versions of the Aquifer Pipe until this final version that we now sell.

On the extreme far left side we are still experimenting using drinkable water to irrigate the lawn. What we are finding this that the lawn can survive with 25% of the water it typically would use, since the water is being delivered to the roots 12 inches below the surface.

On the right side, we get great compliments from the owner and guest that the lawn stays green without the hassle of over spray on the french window (real pain to clean water spots off of) or over-spray on the cars. Plus a small yard like this would typically have run off into the gutter. None of these bad side effects of occur with our subterranean irrigation system.