DIY Greywater install 100% paid by the city

As you know we are all about saving water.
This house is part of our 11 house living showroom tour in Long Beach. It is a self-guided tour and you can find the full details on our website by next week. The goal of our living showroom is to demonstrate that any plant can grow with greywater. We have lawns, drought tolerant plants, succulents, California Natives, ferns, orange trees, and lots of flowers on this tour. We get a lot of questions will greywater kill my plants, the answer is NO we have yet to find a plant that suffers from using greywater. The end goal is of course to show how much drinking water you can save by reusing your shower and laundry water for the landscape.
On this house the yard was converted from a dry crunchy lawn that was brown all year except during the winter rains. I love the winter rains, it makes everyone’s yard look great. Even the tall weeds are cool because that is just more carbon pulled from the atmosphere. This project was paid for 100% by the cities lawn to garden program. Many of our local Aquifer Pipe installers can do these retrofits for you at the rebate price point, if interested go to our website and submit a quote request. We will forward to our list of installers, by next year your yard will stop wasting water and look good.