DIY Greywater Shower to Lawn install 100% Paid by the City

Okay for all the Brown is the New Green yards out there – here is a project to make your significant other happy.

This house had a brown crunchy old lawn, actually more weeds and dirt than the originally lawn. The owner refused to put good drinking water on the landscape. A true environmental water conservation hero.

They saw what we were doing a few houses down and ask if we can change his landscape too “as long as no drinking water will be used”. The whole project was paid for by the city as part of the lawn to garden program.

We removed 3 inches of the topsoil and created a large mound with it. Place the Aquifer Pipe 5 feet on center on both sides, and buried them 12 inches deep. Then we placed 3 inches of mulch across the whole area. The Aquifer Pipe is feed from the shower.
Now all year round there are flowers, attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The owner cuts the flowers monthly to place in the house and give to other neighbors.

Time: about 7 days or 3 weekends. Cost $2.00 a square foot of yard.

Replace your conventional irrigation system with the Aquifer Pipe.
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