DIY Greywater Irrigation System On An Existing Lawn.

Another amazing 100 yr old California Craftsman home. (by the way most of the house in Carroll Park are 100 years or more old). The front Tall Fescue lawn is irrigated with both shower water and laundry water.  The Aquifer Pipe is space every 3 feet on center to give this lawn a nice even coverage. You will also notice 5 different fruit trees ( Apple, Peach (late and early verities) , Nectarine, Avocado.

What we discovered with this old house is that the plumbing code back 100 yrs ago had the shower and toilet drain pipes ran separate down the walls and connected in the basement. So it was very easy to divert the shower water to the greywater system, and the laundry is right above the greywater distribution tank.  From the distribution tank all the greywater is pump out to one of 7 zones. Each zone has the non pressurized Aquifer Pipe to distribute the greywater.

We also set up a vacation make up valve, so when the client is away the vacation value adds water to the greywater distribution tank to mimic showers and laundry.  

Tip, always have a air gap between the makeup water and the distribution tank. We usually have about 6 inches and use a 3” to 2” abs coupler connected to 6” of 2” abs pipe. Place this in the vertical position and feed the makeup water from the top like a funnel.